Photopreuner – Elon Musk Tests X’s Capabilities by Livestreaming Diablo 4 to Over 660,000 Viewers

X, formerly known as Twitter recently unveiled a brand-new feature that would allow its users to livestream directly from the site. This marks a new direction for the platform, as it seems to be transitioning from being a simple text-based social media site to a do-it-all site under Elon Musk’s leadership. The Tesla CEO took […]

Photopreuner – Players Speculate Origin as China or Singapore

Riot Games’ latest ‘State of the Agents’ update revealed new information about Valorant’s next agent. The developers are working on a new Duelist, who will release later this year. Valorant character producer John Goscicki hinted that the upcoming agent will have a twist that players would have never expected to get added into Valorant. At […]

Photopreuner – Dota 2 pro players and streamers react to the $3 Million TI12 prize pool and Compendium focus

Jonathan “Loda” Berg, a celebrated Dota 2 champion with Alliance at The International 2013, recently voiced his concerns regarding the substantial decrease in The International’s (TI) prize pool for this year’s tournament compared to previous years. In a thought-provoking Twitter post, Loda highlighted the evolving landscape of TI and the Compendium, igniting a spirited discussion […]

Photopreuner – Malaysia Dota 2 team wins bronze medal

Team Malaysia clinched the bronze medal at the 19th Asian Games 2022 Dota 2 tournament. The Malaysian squad, considered among the favorites in the competition, showcased its prowess on the international stage. In the semi-finals, Team Malaysia faced off against its formidable rival, the Chinese team, and, despite its best efforts, was unable to secure […]

Photopreuner – How To Get Free Tanjiro Style Gloo Wall Skin & Haganezuka Mask From Free Fire Demon Slayer Royale?

Free Fire enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an epic collaboration with Demon Slayer, where Garena has unleashed a flurry of events offering exclusive in-game treasures. The Demon Slayer Royale event has become the talk of the town, boasting a spectacular range of limited-edition items and collectibles. The best part? You can snag these rewards for free […]

Photopreuner – Connection Between Sam and Firefly Revealed and More

In Honkai Star Rail, leaks and speculations continue to fuel the excitement of players as they anticipate the arrival of new characters. The latest character duo to capture the attention of the Honkai Star Rail community are “Firefly,” and Sam. Firefly particularly has recently seen some leaks of her in-game model. This article delves into […]