Photopreuner – Mobile Legends Project NEXT Unveils Big Changes to Healer Supports

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) shall make adjustments to four healer support heroes in the game as part of its Project NEXT update. The changes shall add more value to utility supports as well as add a new item that synergizes with healers. A new Talent shall also be added in the MLBB Project NEXT update which will improve the mobility of heroes, especially those who fit in the roam and jungle role. The post-match scoring system for utility roamers shall also be tweaked to emphasize their contribution in a match. Here is a sneak peek on what players can expect in the upcoming Mobile Legends Project NEXT update.

Attribute Adjustments

According to Moonton, the stats gained from items is also increased for healing and shielding abilities to add more viability for utility supports who can build magic items instead of full tank build.

New Item: Flask of the Oasis

A new item for the healer support heroes has also been added to the game. The Flask of the Oasis provides magic power, Cooldown Reduction, maximum HP increase, and a stronger healing effect.

The item’s passive provides a shield to allies who are below 30% HP after the hero who purchased the item casts a healing or shielding ability. When the effect triggers, it also reduces the cooldown of the caster’s abilities.

New Talent: Wilderness Blessing

A new Talent named Wilderness Blessing shall also be added to the game which will increase a hero’s movement speed when in the River. This item is perfect for supports and junglers to maximize their rotations and respond quickly to ganks and objective securing.

Keep in mind that all items and adjustments present are still subject to change by Moonton. Some changes may be made before the upcoming Mobile Legends Project NEXT update arrives.

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