Photopreuner – Undead Siege Zombie Mode Returns, Mythic CX9 & More!

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Call of Duty (COD): Mobile players have some early insights into what Season 9 has in store for them. From a tantalizing new Mythic weapon to a sneak peek at returning game modes, we’ve got all the leaks covered. Let’s dive right in!

Ladies in Action: Season 8 Store Content

Before we jump into the Season 9 leaks, let’s take a quick look at this week’s Season 8 store content. Activision has themed this week’s offerings as “Ladies in Action,” with a focus on female operator skins. The store introduces a couple of exciting draws and a lucky box.

  • Carmine Overdrive Lucky Draw: This draw, set to release soon, features the legendary Argus Carmine Flair and the Sparrowhawk Severed Fate.

  • Jade Peacock Lucky Draw: Coming out later this week, this draw showcases the M16 Peacock Cry and the Shadowful Jade Peacock skins.

  • Yokai Master Lucky Box: While it includes the appealing Kitsune SKIMS skin, other items in this box may not be as enticing.

  • Bonsai Master Lucky Box: This box offers a visually pleasing Mini Ice-Your-One skin, among other items.

Now that we’ve covered the current content, let’s move on to the exciting Season 9 leaks.

The Mythic CX9: A Glimpse into Season 9

Leakers have managed to unearth some intriguing details about a new mythic skin set to debut in Season 9 of the new CX9 SMG. While the official details remain under wraps, based on the color scheme found in leaks, it appears that this weapon might have an ice or snow-themed design with hints of gold accents. This aesthetic is reminiscent of the Mythic Ritec AMR from a previous season, though this is purely speculative at this point.

Undead Siege Returns: Confirmed for Season 9

In a surprise reveal, the VNG version of the game has confirmed that the beloved Undead Siege game mode will make its triumphant return in Season 9. This exciting news was initially posted and promptly deleted, but the cat’s out of the bag now! Undead Siege fans can rejoice, as it’s officially coming back.

However, this revelation raises questions about the fate of traditional round-based zombies gameplay. Will it coexist with Undead Siege, or is there something entirely new in store for zombie enthusiasts? We can only speculate for now, but it’s safe to say that Season 9 is shaping up to be a thrilling experience for all COD: Mobile players.

The leaks for COD: Mobile Season 9 are starting to trickle in, and the Mythic CX9 and the return of Undead Siege are already generating tons of excitement within the community. We eagerly await further details and official announcements.

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