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Riot Games made it very clear that with Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 9.5 Horizonbound, it is not just focused on the last ever mid-set, but is extremely committed to bringing forth many quality of life changes to different aspects of the game. In this mid-set update, Riot Games is adding two new regions of Bilgewater and Ixtal and a number of new units and along with it, a drastic change to the item system of TFT.

Riot Games said, “We’re making huge quality of life changes to our Item system that will leave it in a better state for many sets to come.

The new mid-set includes six new items, three adjusted items, a new support item class, an update to Artifact Items (that was previously called Ornn Forge Items), and many more. In this guide, we will take a closer look at all the Radiant items in the auto-battler.

All Radiant Items in TFT Set 9.5

As part of the item rework, Riot Games updated the TFT item categories into the following:

Core items: Core items bear the standard, craftable items made from the base components.

Artifact Items: These items were previously called “Ornn Artifact” items and they are uncraftable ones that you can only get from Augments.

Support Items: Support Items are Riot Games’ new item class that contain uncraftable items. It includes old items like Shroud of Stillness and Locket of the Iron Solari, and also new onces. Notably, all Support items shall have a uniform 250 Health, and will be much more powerful than their core item versions.

The fourth and final category of items is the Radiant Items in TFT Set 9.5.

Radiant Items are simply upgraded versions of core items and they bear bigger and better stats. The Radiant items in TFT Set 9.5 currently are as follows and for your reference, the base, core items are mentioned in parantheses:

  1. Absolution (Redemption)

  2. Blessed Bloodthirster (Bloodthirster)

  3. Blue Blessing (Blue Buff)

  4. Brink of Dawn (Edge of Night)

  5. Bulwark’s Oath (Protector’s Vow)

  6. Chalice of Charity (Chalice of Harmony)

  7. Covalent Spark (Ionic Spark)

  8. Demon Slayer (Giant Slayer)

  9. Dragon’s Will (Dragon’s Claw)

  10. Dvarapala Stoneplate (Gargoyle’s Stoneplate)

  11. Equinox (Evenshroud)

  12. Eternal Whisper (Last Whisper)

  13. Fist of Fairness (Hand of Justice)

  14. Glamorous Gauntlet (Jeweled Gauntlet)

  15. Guinsoo’s Reckoning (Guinsoo’s Rageblade)

  16. Hextech Lifeblade (Hextech Gunblade)

  17. Jak’sho the Protean (Adaptive Helm)

  18. Locket of Targon Prime (Locket of the Iron Solari)

  19. Luminous Deathblade (Deathblade)

  20. Midnight Reaper (Night HArvester)

  21. Mistral (Zephyr)

  22. More More-ellonomicon (Morellonomicon)

  23. Quickestsilver (Quicksilver)

  24. Rabadon’s Ascended Deathcap (Rabadon’s Deathcap)

  25. Rapid Lightcannon (Rapid Firecannon)

  26. Rascal’s Gloves (Thief’s Gloves)

  27. Rosethorn Vest (Bramblevest)

  28. Royal Crownshield (Crownguard)

  29. Runaan’s Tempest (Runaan’s Hurricane)

  30. Shroud of Reverance (Shroud of Stillness)

  31. Spear of Hirana (Spear of Shojin)

  32. Statikk Favor (Statikk Shiv)

  33. Sterak’s Megashield (Sterak’s Gage)

  34. Stride Breaker (Guardbreaker)

  35. Sunlight Cape (Sunfire Cape)

  36. The Baron’s Gift (Nashor’s Tooth)

  37. Titan’s Vow (Titan’s Resolve)

  38. Urf-Angel’s Staff (Archangel’s Staff)

  39. Warmog’s Pride (Warmog’s Armor)

  40. Willbreaker

  41. Zeke’s Harmony (Zeke’s Convergence)

  42. Zenith Edge (Infinity Edge)

  43. Zz’Rots Invitation (Zz’Rot Portal)

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