Photopreuner – OG Makes Bold Move, Signing MinD_Control as New Offlaner (On Loan)

The Dota Pro Circuit scene has been buzzing with excitement as OG has pulled off a major roster coup following a disappointing 2023 season. The team, which had suffered a series of disappointing results, has turned to a true legend of the game, Ivan “MinD_Control” Ivanov, as their savior in the offlane position. MinD_Control, a […]

Photopreuner – How to Move and Sprint Faster in Starfield

Mastering the art of sprinting and managing your character’s oxygen levels is essential for efficient traversal in Starfield. Whether you’re exploring new planets or racing to complete missions, mastering the art of running faster can significantly enhance your experience in Bethesda’s latest epic space RPG. In this guide, we’ll break down the mechanics of sprinting […]