Photopreuner – Elon Musk Tests X’s Capabilities by Livestreaming Diablo 4 to Over 660,000 Viewers

X, formerly known as Twitter recently unveiled a brand-new feature that would allow its users to livestream directly from the site. This marks a new direction for the platform, as it seems to be transitioning from being a simple text-based social media site to a do-it-all site under Elon Musk’s leadership. The Tesla CEO took […]

Photopreuner – Elon Musk Once Had Amber Heard Cosplay as Mercy From Overwatch

In a new Biography, it has been revealed that business magnate Elon Musk had once asked his former girlfriend and American actress Amber Heard to cosplay an Overwatch character Mercy back when they were still together around 2017-18. The owner of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, X Corp, and more, has confirmed this himself over social media […]