Photopreuner – Mysterious Ore Locations and How to Combine and Use Them

Genshin Impact has released its Version 4.1 update, and with it comes an intriguing quest that revolves around Mysterious Ores. These mysterious crystals scattered throughout the newly expanded Fontaine region are the key to unlocking a hidden treasure room. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all seven Mysterious Ore locations, the associated quests, and […]

Photopreuner – Overwatch 2 Reveals WWE Superstar John Cena as Mysterious Hacker ‘The Enigma’

The expert sleuthing by community members has turned out to be a complete success as Overwatch 2 revealed John Cena as the mysterious hacker called ‘The Enigma’. This is the same hooded figure that was seen hacking livestreams of various creators like Flats, KarQ, Shroud, and Emongg, to broadcast cryptic messages about the Null Sector […]