Photopreuner – Gabbi Leads Entity to Crucial Opening Win Against Nigma in TI12 WEU Qualifier

The International 12 (TI12) Western Europe (WEU) qualifier’s opening day featured some big battles in the upper bracket among which Entity defeated Nigma Galaxy by a scoreline of 2-21. As a result of very similar wins from both teams, the series was tied at 1-1, before Entity’s offlaner Kim “Gabbi” Santos won the third game […]

Photopreuner – Larian Studios Reveal BG3 Statistics After Opening Weekend

Baldur’s Gate 3’s popularity is unmatched. Within the first weekend of the launch, the game soared to record-breaking heights, making it one of the top games on Steam. As Baldur’s Gate 3 enters its second weekend, Larian Studios is gearing up for more unexpected shenanigans.  The developers recently took to the , letting fans in […]