Photopreuner – How to Get Five Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Tier Skips for Free?

Overwatch 2 released the ongoing Season 6 Invasion early last month on 10th August. Players have been enjoying every bit of it, from the fantastic omnic-themed battle pass consisting of various skins and cosmetics, to the Anniversary celebration of the game turning a year old. The incredible Mythic Ana skin is a major motivating factor behind the […]

Photopreuner – Overwatch League Shop Rotation (26 Sep 2023): Skins, Items, Price, Duration

Overwatch 2 is a fast-paced first-person shooter with lots of Heroes, each having its own collection of incredible skins and cosmetics for the players to choose from. There are many ways of purchasing skins for your favorite Hero like Seasonal Packs, Battle Pass, and In-Game Shop. The last option is the most versatile as it […]

Photopreuner – How to Get Two OWL Symmetra Skins for Free in Overwatch 2?

It is time to grab two completely free Overwatch League (OWL) Symmetra Skins right before the upcoming OWL 2023 – Playoffs and Grand Finals. This is a no-strings-attached offer available to everyone with a account, which every Overwatch 2 player is guaranteed to have because without it the game cannot be accessed. There are […]

Photopreuner – Overwatch 2 Anniversary Shop: Skins, Price, Duration, More

The much-awaited Overwatch 2 Anniversary 2023 Event is currently underway having started on 19th September and will be taking place for the next three weeks up until 10th October. During this time several game modes will be making a return to Overwatch 2 like Battle for Olympus, Assault (2CP), Summer Games, and more, bringing with […]

Photopreuner – When Does Overwatch 2 Season 6 End? Date, Time, Duration, More

The ongoing Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion is the biggest content drop for the game since its release in October 2022. It received a huge response from the community with many significant features and other changes being introduced to the title. Now more than a month later, players have started completing the battle pass and […]

Photopreuner – Elon Musk Once Had Amber Heard Cosplay as Mercy From Overwatch

In a new Biography, it has been revealed that business magnate Elon Musk had once asked his former girlfriend and American actress Amber Heard to cosplay an Overwatch character Mercy back when they were still together around 2017-18. The owner of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, X Corp, and more, has confirmed this himself over social media […]

Photopreuner – How to Get Cybermedic Ana Epic Skin for Free in Overwatch 2?

Cybermedic Ana Epic SkinOverwatch 2 loves to keep its community engaged through challenges and giveaways, giving them free rewards to enjoy within and outside the game. This time the developers have cracked a deal with Samsung through which certain eligible players might be able to grab the Cybermedic Ana Epic Skin, upgrading their wardrobe for […]