Photopreuner – How to Defeat the Parade Master in Lies of P: Strategies and Tips

In Lies of P, players encounter a formidable adversary early on in the form of the Parade Master. This hulking robot, once built for entertainment, now poses a significant challenge as the first major boss fight in the game. Defeating the Parade Master not only progresses the story but also provides valuable lessons in dealing […]

Photopreuner – Labor Day Parade in Monopoly Go: All Rewards, Milestones and More

Monopoly Go is currently hosting a five-day Labor Day event from September 4th to September 8th. Throughout this event, Monopoly Go continues to engage players with a series of exciting activities, enabling them to acquire new stickers, dice, and in-game currency. This particular event marks the second installment in the Epic Myths season, generating waves […]