Photopreuner – Disney Speedstorm Free-to-Play Update: Everything You Need to Know

Disney Speedstorm is a combat racing game reminiscent of Nintendo’s Mario Kart and it is available on  PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and Nintendo Switch. The game features characters from popular Disney franchises and was released as a paid game with players being required to purchase a Founder’s bundle to get access […]

Photopreuner – Valve Confirms TI12 Update Will Bring Back Dota 2 Compendium

What is the Dota 2 Compendium? The Compendium is a seasonal pass that players can purchase to support The International and earn exclusive rewards. It was first started in 2013 right in time for The International 2023. The Compendium was released a few months before The International and was available for purchase until the end […]

Photopreuner – Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update Pays Homage to the Characters of Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Cyberpunk 2077’s much-awaited 2.0 update is finally here and several fans are overjoyed to get immersed in the world of Night City once again. It could possibly be one of the biggest updates to the game with overhauls to several gameplay elements such as the police system, redesigned skill trees, and perks, the inclusion of […]

Photopreuner – Garena Provides Update on Free Fire India Release Date

Garena’s popular battle royale title Free Fire was prohibited by the government of India in February 2022, citing privacy concerns. Following this ruling, the Google Play Store and App Store withdrew the game from their platforms in accordance with the Indian government’s requirements. Free Fire Max, an upgraded version of Free Fire, on the other […]

Photopreuner – Here are all the Changes to Classic Mode in PUBG Mobile 2.8 Update

The ever-evolving world of PUBG Mobile is set to receive its latest installment, version 2.8. In this update, the classic mode undergoes some significant changes and enhancements that promise to spice up the gameplay experience for millions of dedicated players. Let’s dive into the details of what this update has in store. Firearm and Attachment […]